• What time does the check- in begin?
         Check-in begins at 15.00
  • What time does the check-ot begin?
         Check-out begins at 14.00
  • Is smoking allowed inside?
         No, smoking is not allowed in side, but it is allowed on the terraces
  • What’s the deal with the sllippers?
         We work hard for our guest to enjoy a clean location. That is why, inside the villa we offer our guests both normal foam slippers and one use only slippers. It is not allowed to use street shoes inside the location
  • Where can meals be served?
         Meals are served in the dining room only
  • What time is the breakfast served?
         Breakfast is served between 8.30-11


  1. The guest are liable for any damage they cause to the property.
  2.  It is striclty forbidden to light candles, fireworks or other pyrotechnic materials inside the vilao
  3. The villa’s staff has to be notified before using the saunao
  4. Upon check-out, the rooms will be checked toghether with the staffo
  5. We reserve the right to select our customers